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E-smog Protector Air Naturalizer - Pink

SKU: 100


E-smog (also known as Electromagnetic Radiation Pollution) Protector

A small, lightweight device worn around your neck to protect you 24 hours, even when you sleep. 

Reduce negative effects of electromagnetic waves

  • mobile phones
  • WiFi
  • computers
  • low-voltage AC power lines

Transmit more than 40 types of synchronous and continuous frequency vibrations

Protect living cells against interference of electromagnetic radiation

Maintain and re-establish the natural vibration of cells

Maintain a balanced electrical field and stable rhythm within the body

Improves your sleep and immune system

Reduces stress, dizziness, chest distress, anxiety and fatigue

Air purification and removal of unpleasant smells

Increases free electrons and negative ions in the air

Negative ions absorb and neutralize tiny suspended pollutants 

Improves air quality of spaces



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