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EXGEL "Hug Comfy" Hip correction pressure absorption seat cushion *Made in Japan*

Relieving your back pain, correcting your sitting posture and taking pressure off your hips. EXGEL is the perfect companion during Covid times, when we spend most of our time sitting down. 
  • The perfect cushion


From the moment of sitting down to getting up, Exgel helps us to distribute weight evenly and maintain the correct position of the pelvis and spine. The exgel cushion has gentle shock-absorbing and cushioning power, smart distribution of body weight and soft and suitable covering features that are indispensable for people who need to sit for a long time. Exgel has the above advantages to bring an unprecedented healthy and comfortable sitting experience.


  • Three main functions of Exgel


  • Gentle shock absorption and cushioning elasticity

We sit far more time than we stand. With its gentle, delicate flexibility, Excel absorbs the weight of the moment we sit down, until the moment we get up. Our hips will experience relaxation and comfort, and not a hard chair.


  • Smart distribution of body weight and flexibility
  • The exgel fluid material can be stretched 20 folds and can quickly return to its original shape. It gently covers the buttocks and evenly distributes the pressure and body weight.


  • Soft and comfortable coating.
  • When we sit for a long time, we often move our body unconsciously to find a comfortable position. The Exgel will follow our movement simultaneously and fit the hips accordingly, reducing the burden on the hips.



Gentle and powerful shock absorption and cushioning power.


  • When we sit for a long time, the weight of the upper body tends to concentrate on the hips. After rigorous experimental tests, it is proven that Exgel has 10 times more shock absorption and cushioning power than PU foam. From the moment we sit down to the time we get up and leave the chair, its gentle and powerful cushion surrounds us and takes the weight off our spine and hips.


  • We drop the golf ball from the height of one meter. When the ball falls on the PU foam, it bounces up and then out. When the same golf ball falls on Exgel, its special soft cushioning layer leaves the ball steadily at the same spot.





Soft and comfortable covering power


  • When we sit down, our body sometimes moves unconsciously. After rigorous experimental tests, it is proven that Exgel synchronizes with the movement of the buttocks, evenly distributing the pressure, and bringing soft and comfortable covering to the hips.


  • When the peach is rubbed against the PU foam, the fruit is damaged. When the peach is rubbed against the Exgel repeatedly, it was still intact.


Distribute body weight evenly


  • When we sit down, the weight of the upper body will sometimes concentrate on a certain area of the the buttocks, causing fatigue or pain. Exgel uses exclusively developed elastic shock absorber materials to help the hips evenly distribute the weight of the upper body, allowing you to sit comfortably and without pain.


Made in Japan

*Free shipping to Hong Kong and Canada*

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