Before starting Green Sisters, I was working for a listed media company that ranks 4th in the world for over 10 years and was traveling every other week. I looked after 6 countries and through this job, I was able to travel extensively. This gave me an opportunity to discover new things,  develop a good eye for great products and a taste for delicious food. This is how Green Sisters came about, to build a website for quality and unique products that outshine the rest.

I am known as the person who is always out to find the best things, but won't settle for less quality. I love finding things that exceed my expectations, that are special, effective and make a positive and noticeable change in my life. I strive for the "wow" factor. For me, it is always value before quantity, and I love to share my findings. Through time, many of my friends have made it a habit to ask me for advice on almost everything. "What did you do?" "Wow, what did you use?" "Where should I go for Japanese tonight?" "Do you think I should use this sunscreen?" These are typical questions I answer everyday.

Green Sisters is a name I’ve thought about for some time. Green for nature as we find all our greatest lessons there, but mainly because of my darling sisters, who always share their "new great finds". Equally important are the women that have empowered me, uplifted me and supported me throughout my life. I am thankful for the help and advice I've received from these amazing women and how we inspire and raise each other up.

Green Sisters will be a myriad of everything I’m passionate about: health, holistic self-care, skincare and food. During this pandemic, we start off with the priority of keeping our loved ones safe and protected with the launch of our high quality, Japanese medi fabric reusable mask.

Green Sisters is for anyone who likes to find things that makes a difference in life. "Being needed by others and having the ability to serve is what makes our life truly blessed".


Sincerely yours,