Back to school next month. What are some safety protocols for our children when coronavirus is still looming large?

So how can we keep our children safe during this pandemic when Covid-19 is still around? I would scare the shit out of them and tell them not to ever remove their mask, do not touch their faces, wash their hands frequently, don't hug their friends (kind of impossible), don't play with their saliva, and keep a distance with others and pray that they listen to one? some? or any of those warnings. ALL of them quite the mission impossible, but there is one constant you can make sure of. Prepare them with a functional reusable mask.

Many customers are grateful that Green Sisters supply kids masks that actually serves the purpose of protecting their kids. Yes. One of our customer cannot keep up in buying disposable masks because her daughter likes to spit when speaking. Every hour, she would have to replace her disposable mask. When she switched to cotton masks, they clung to her face and there's a slob just stuck there. Now, she only uses our mask. Same with a customer, we will have their emails to us posted on IG telling us that his kids will only wear our masks because they are allergic to disposable ones and other masks. So the next time you purchase a mask for your child, think of us. 

Our 3 unique layers provides you the full protection, unheard of in any fabric mask.

Outer shell: 100% polyester water-resistant shell that repels all water droplets, preventing any bacteria and viruses transferred from coughing and sneezing.

Middle: non-woven cloth with PE breathable coating. 97% PFE (particle filtration efficiency), 99% BFE (Bacterial filtration efficiency), a similar material that of a hazard gown

Inner translucent thin Japanese medi fabric that is anti-viral & anti-bacterial. It locks and kills bacteria and viruses and is good up to 100 washes.

Even very well known fabric reusable masks have half the functions and is double our price. When your little ones go back to school next month, be sure to choose the right one. 


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