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Reusable, breatheable, comfortable and safe- no fabric mask on the market has our functions

Our high-quality, Japanese medi fabric masks are one of a kind. The shell fabric is fluid repellent unlike most cotton masks. Our middle layer is the same material of a hazard gown, reinforcing the safety of this mask. This layer is tested for 99% BFE (bacteria filtration efficiency), 97% PFE (particle filtration efficiency) and 96% VFE (virus filtration efficiency) effective up to 100 washes.  Each mask is hand stitched to a 3D perfection, ensuring a comfortable fit. Our inner Japanese medi lining, made from certified GRS 4.0 recycled polyester fabric . Many users who has developed rashes due to long hours of wearing disposable masks switched to ours and see a difference because it is soft and breathable. The Green Sisters mask is your best choice for protection, comfort and the environment.

Made in Hong Kong

Save our Planet

Did you know that only in Hong Kong, we throw out 180 million disposable masks a month?  Environmental groups have found thousands of single-use masks littering beaches and hiking trails in Hong Kong, where they pose a threat to marine, animal and bird life. Not to mention the health risks that it imposes in waste areas.

Green Sisters is helping the environment and this pandemic by offering a reasonably priced mask that is comfortable, safe and breathable.  It costs a little more than HKD$1 per use for up to 100 times. Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and help the environment? Choose our Green Sisters reusable mask.    

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