Are all reusable fabric masks created equal?

DIY and cotton masks are great from a fashion statement point of view, but definitely not enough functions when it comes to protection. Most of them are not 3 layers, and if they are, they're mostly of the same material: cotton. They are completely comfortable and very breathable, but do they serve the purpose? No.  Bacteria and viruses transmitted from coughing and sneezing appear in the form of water droplets, so only a water repellent mask will protect you. There are currently an oversupply of DIY masks on the market, so I hope everyone can choose wisely instead of whether a mask looks good on you. Let us all remember why a mask became a necessity in the first place. Protect yourself and your loved ones while saving the environment and use a functional reusable mask. Green Sisters masks are one of a kind, high quality Japanese medi fabric reusable masks that are 99% BFE ,97% PFE, and fluid repellent. Let's save the planet and stop this virus together by making a change and choosing a functional reusable mask. Choose our Green Sisters mask.

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My daughter doesn’t like to wear disposable mask beacuse she said it had a weird and plastic smell. She would literally tear it off in a few minutes. Until we changed to fabric mask and used Green Sisters Mask, she has not complained since and she was able to wear them indoors for over an hour without taking them off. I think it feels more comfortable and well fitted. We also love variety colors they have to match our outfits.

TREVOR LOK 8月 25, 2020

I got really bad breakouts from wearing plastic disposable masks. In fact, I changed brands so many times to find something that would be a little more gentle for my acne prone skin.
Until I came across Green Sisters. This was recommended by a super close friend and it’s been such a life changer! I haven’t had breakups since wearing it. The fabric is so breathable too. Highly recommended!

Anita 8月 21, 2020

Love the masks! they are very comfortable! quick CS response too!

Luca 8月 21, 2020

Thank you for creating these mask. After purchasing them for myself and seeing the superior quality and filtration, I bought them for my entire family. ❤️

Stacey L. 8月 19, 2020

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