Green Sisters

Lucky Violet Featherweight Japanese Medi Fabric Reusable mask

SKU: 13001


* NEW*  Featherweight series - much lighter and more breathable AND 95.9% VFE!

Our classics are already well loved by many, but we never stop at improving so here we are, with the lightest and most breathable fabric mask you’ll ever find. A new stitching technique that won’t stick to your face when breathing. Don’t underestimate this tiny detail as it allows a cool air cushion to form between your nose and mask as you feel yourself breathing in fresh air.

Japanese medi fabric reusable mask

99% BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency)                                                                        

97% PFE (particle filtration efficiency)         

95.9% VFE (virus filtration efficiency) 

Anti-viral and anti-bacterial fabric                                                             

Water repellent 

Effective up to 100 washes

Stopper on ear loops to adjust to fit everyone

Made in Hong Kong  

Our featherweight masks are a new version of our Green Sisters masks. The fabric is much lighter hence it's our "featherweight" series. The inner Japanese lining is gray. 

Green Sisters masks are one of a kind. You won't find another reusable mask that has our functions at this price so get one now today to protect yourself and your loved ones while saving the environment. Our IG@greensisterscreation is filled with customers' photos, please check it out. 

FREE SHIPPING TO the US, Canada, Malaysia, and Hong Kong when you order 5 masks or more

Our prices is default in HKD$, please click on your currency preference. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Vyan Chong
Super Nice face mask

Very comfortable face mask and love the gorgeous violet colour so much!



Liona Poon
Safe for us, safe for the environment

The VFE and the BFE results give me confidence that the mask is suitable for everyday use.

Chi Hin Tam

Lucky Violet Featherweight Japanese Medi Fabric Reusable masks

Bernadette Siu
Amazing product

I’ve been through so many fabric masks. Cotton, silk, vinyl, and most have exaggerated claims. I am so glad my girlfriend recommended these. I just bought 2 to try and I must say I’m impressed. They are so breathable and it stays dry unlike those thicker cotton masks. My face gets sweaty easily so this is just perfect. I am placing an order for more. I also bought the other kind but these featherweight ones are better. High recommend!

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