Green Sisters

Navy Japanese medi fabric reusable mask (Adult & Child size) Featherweight available

SKU: 2004


***FEATHERWEIGHT version available***

added features:

95.9% VFE (virus filtration efficiency)

Much more lightweight and breathable

A new stitching technique that won’t stick to your face when breathing. Don’t underestimate this tiny detail as it allows a cool air cushion to form between your nose and mask as you feel yourself breathing in fresh air.

Japanese medi fabric reusable mask

99% BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency)                                                                        

97% PFE (particle filtration efficiency)   

Anti-viral and anti-bacterial fabric 

Water repellent

Effective up to 100 washes

Stopper on ear loops to adjust to fit everyone

Made in Hong Kong 

Green Sisters masks are one of a kind. You won't find another reusable mask that has our functions at this price so get one now today to protect yourself and your loved ones while saving the environment. Our IG@greensisterscreation is filled with customers' photos, please check it out. 

FREE SHIPPING TO the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand,  and the EU when you order 5 masks or more

Our prices is default in HKD$, please click on your currency preference. 

Child size: Recommended for age 3 and up. Child version ONLY comes in without pocket because most children plays with their saliva often and the extra pocket traps moisture inside, making it uncomfortable for them to wear.

There is an option with and without pocket to insert filter. The main difference is that the mask without pocket insert will be much more lightweight and breathable. Some people find the loose fabric of the pocket stuck on their faces when breathing. 

The efficiency of the mask is not affected. As the mask is 99% BFE 97% PFE effective and up to ASTM F2100 standards for 100 washes, there is no need for an insert. Only people with high risk like doctors would require an insert filter. The pocket mask might be too stuffy for the summer so we would suggest getting some non pockets for now, and some pocket ones for the autumn and winter months so you can see the difference

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
New user

Feels like one-time use mask.

Faria Li

Easy to breathe. Material is thin, easy to wash and dry. Very good quality.

Best masks

The navy and black looks best. Bought these many times and they're so breathable and comfortable. Would recommend to everyone to try.

My favourite mask

This mask has such a comfortable wear over my nose, mouth and chin. I love the colour. Love the fact that I can wash and reuse my mask for up to 100 times. Green Sisters, you are doing an amazing job!! Thank you!!

Yan Yip

一個又輕舒服,帶左口罩已成年,我們一家不斷試用循環可洗口罩,一來環保二來對皮膚都好些,Green Sister 口罩確實幾好用

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